About Me

Hi I'm Jas! I'm a wife to a beautiful man and a mama to three gorgeous babes living in the small country town called Cleve. Lover of coffee, the ocean, thrifting and anything with a beautiful pattern to it. I grew up not too far down the road in a seaside town called Port Lincoln and lived and loved the ocean and this is where my photography journey started, capturing the beauty and wildness of the sea and coastline.

I studied photography at school which I loved then took some time away from it to study another profession (nursing if you would believe it, then I started a fabric shop with my own mama, you could say creativity runs deep in my family!) met my husband, followed him to Cleve, got married and had kids. This is where I started to pick my camera back up to document our lives and the little moments in motherhood and didn't my passion grow from there?!

I love to capture the moments that we want to look back on when we are old and grey. The little things that we would mostly look over and forget in time. I want you, mama, to be in the frame with your littlest loves so you can pass these moments on to them.

I want to preserve your memories of motherhood, of love and the season of life that you are in.